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As customers are the real growth for successful businesses, Famram Solutions combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in various marketing disciplines to help our clients obtain a distinguished, strong and trusted brand image.

Located in Gauteng, South Africa, we specialise in Classical Marketing Management, Social Media Management, Capacity Building & Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Strategies, Public Relations, Branded Corporate Gifts and Training & Development in the various sectors. Our cost effective products and services are offered in all 9 provinces of South Africa and across the rest of Africa.

  • Shamila Ramjawan

    Founder / CEO

    Shamila Ramjawan was employed in the Marketing and Communications Industry for over two decades and has acquired vast experience and knowledge in her field of expertise. She uses every opportunity to gain knowledge and experience through effective networking.

  • Qualifications

    B Tech Marketing, MBA (Unisa SBL), MDP GIBS, NDip Public Relations, NDip Marketing LDP Standard Bank GLC, Published Author.

  • We offer pedigreed expertise in

    Classical Marketing Management
    Brand Positioning
    Corporate Social Investment (CSI)
    Public Relations
    Promotional Gifts

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet” – Stephen Hawking

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Mobile: 082 928 4806
Email: shamila@famramsolutions.com